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Sasha Grey

उपनाम: Sascha Grey, Anna Karina, Sasha Gray

देश: United States

जन्म: 1988-03-14

आंख: Hazel

बाल: Brown

ऊंचाई: 170 cm

वजन: 48 kg

स्तन: Natural

विचारों: 1.8K

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She announced her retirement as an adult movie performer in early April 2011 on her official Facebook. She is, however, still an active actress, albeit in mainstream film and TV, and continues to do occasional shoots for mainstream publications.

Her mainstream work has including appearances in the movies The Girlfriend Experience and Smash Cut. She has also appeared in HBO's Entourage (season 7) and also stars in Eminem's Space Bound music video.

She is of Greek, Irish, English and Polish heritage.

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